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Anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you could recommend some good audios with the 7th Doctor. Thank you



Seven’s early episodes with Ace are a good place to start, especially: 

After that, the plot gets a bit complicated, so feel free to check out my guide for some of his later stories with Ace, Hex and Evelyn

Of those later episodes, some great standalone stories are:

If instead you want to follow up on Klein’s storyline (from Colditz), her arc continues in:

If you want to hear a younger Seven travelling with Mel, my absolute favourite episodes are:

If you’re interested in Seven’s adventures near the end of his life, when he’s travelling alone, check out:

There are plenty more episodes out there with Seven, and I haven’t even heard half of them yet. Some of them are part of larger story arcs, some are standalone — in any case, this list should be a good way to get you started. :)


Based on a prompt I saw on my dash, here’s the Master (from The End of Time) vs Zagreus, as a comic-book like drawing and as a portrait.

I thought it would be fitting - I mean, they are both “glitchy” eldritch abominations and they want to destroy the universe, so, yeah, we should let them fight each other and see what happens.

Also, they are both extremely over the top xD

While listening to Neverland I mentally pictured the Neverpeople like hollow silhouettes with some sort of moving night sky inside. That’s because there was a Magic: The Gathering tournament the day I started to listen to Neverland and the last set, Journey into Nyx, is full of creatures and people that look like this. So I drew Zagreus!Eight with Anti-time leaking through his eyes.

On that second picture, the Master is like "what the hell happened to you, I mean yeah my skeleton flashes from time to time and stuff… but THAT’S f█cked up."

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